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I need to have my cat looked after while I am away on business. I live in Älta

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Stockholm - Övriga 1200 kr

2016-06-13 - 2016-06-14

Hi, I have my pet cat that need to have someone come and visit him in my home while I am away on business from time to time. I would like to have him taken for a walk and make sure he is fed and has water, etc. This should be done twice a day. I live in Älta and I will pay a fir price to the right person. Thank you!

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I have all you need.

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  • Louise skrev för 3 år sedan
    I am a (British) registered cat carer and have a company called www.trygga-tassar.se but you live a little way away so let us talk if you want to take the "professional cat carer" route. I have a fee structure and your area would incur a small travel fee per day. I can quote you if you give me full dates and needs. I have many happy customers. I have had my 2 cats for 16 years and worked in a cattery (kattpensionatt) last year part time. I will write my number in letters as it does not come out in digits. Zero seven three eight two eight zero two zero two. Regards Louise
  • Lu skrev för 3 år sedan
    Hi Carrey, If you haven't found anyone yet, I can help you out. Though I would prefer that you leave your cat at my house. I live in Solna (3 rooom apartment together with my 6-year old cat). She is 6, castrated and friendly. There's plenty of room in my apartment and nice area outside for walking. /Lee Lu
  • Linda skrev för 3 år sedan
    Hi! I live in Bromma and have a while to travel to get to Älta. But the payment you're offering is really good, I reckon! :) Is it possible for you to leave your little darling at my place instead? So then I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time travelling;) Actually, I yast now registered to this site, so this is the first mission I'm applying for here! :) You can read about me in my profile. Hope 2 hear from ya soon! Take Care/ Linda
  • Veronica skrev för 3 år sedan
    Hello! I live in Tyresö (really close to Älta) and I would love to take care of your cat. I can comeover and feed him and take him outside whenever it's necessary. Sincerely, Veronica
  • Carrey skrev för 3 år sedan
    Hi, are you still interested to take care of my cat Sam?
  • Catrin skrev för 3 år sedan
    Yes, we may be interested, depends on which dates?
  • Carrey skrev för 3 år sedan
    Hi, there would be various dates depending on my schedule. First date would be Tuesday the 5th, and Thursday the 7th of July
  • Catrin skrev för 3 år sedan
    5 and 7 july works fine.
  • Carrey skrev för 3 år sedan
    Great, I would like to meet you and you need to meet Sam. When can you come over to my house?
  • Catrin skrev för 3 år sedan
    Tonight after 18:30 ?
  • Carrey skrev för 3 år sedan
    Yes, that is fine. My address is Doragatan 18 in Älta. My phone number is 0765 350 668.
  • Catrin skrev för 3 år sedan
    Great, I know were Doragatan is. We make a call around 18:15
  • Carrey skrev för 3 år sedan
    Great! I look forward to meet you!
  • Linda skrev för 3 år sedan
    Yes, I am still interested!
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